Staff Feature - Melody


Hi I’m Melody. I’ve been with Scarborough Fare since June 2016. I work with 6 other girls in the company pack house. We process and pack for you 6 days a week, transforming hundreds of kilos of fresh herb into thousands of 100gm packs and ultimately every week more than a tonne of delicious flavour! It is a fresh, fragrant and dynamic working environment.

Quality is the key to our success and I am proud to be a member of the team that casts the last eye over what goes out to you, our customer, to ensure you receive the perfect product you are expecting.

Working here has brought a smile back into my life, inspired and redirected me and helped me grow in a healthy environment where I have learned new skills and how to confidently work with others. Scarborough Fare, where from the ground up, anything is possible!

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