Kaizen - A focus on small improvements


Kaizen is a Japanese originated management system. It is also called Lean or Better by Lean. Translated, Kaizen means ‘small change’ and the system is based on just that. The focus is on continuous improvement, being the result of everyone in the workplace drilling down into just how they can offer improvement ideas and then as a team, implementing them.

Scarborough Fare are committed followers of the Kaizen philosophy and as successful applicants to Callaghan Innovation are on a mission to fully utilise our $40,000 50/50 co-funding agreement with these guys.

You, our customers, are the reason we are focused on Kaizen – small change – continuous improvement. It is all about providing more value to you by reducing waste in our workplace.

In the process we are all learning a new language – Japanese! Muda, Kan Ban, Kaimishibai and Kan Ban are all ‘things’ we use to make your experience with us better.

Additionally and as an owner of Scarborough Fare I am so totally excited with Kaizen that in the thriving economy we are enjoying, business person – business person I would be honoured to talk with you about Kaizen and the benefit it can offer to you and your business! Please call me – Jeanette 027 2862314

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